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Get marketing copy that drives your vision to fruition. 


I don't just write when you hire me.

No one needs word fluff, keyword cramming, or generic AI-generated content. You're here because you want results: personalized. researched, and targeted copy. I get it. 

But I also know your vision goes beyond pure profit. You're here because more than anything, you want to cultivate a deeper understanding in your target audience that you truly are the best fit for their needs and that you can address each of their pain points. You want them to want to work with you. 

So no, I don't just write when you hire me. I also: 

  • Research your target audience to keep their attention and serve your mission. 

  • Craft copy based on your unique audience, practice, and services or products. 

  • Format for easy readability with short paragraphs using bold and italics for effect. 

  • Include relevant screenshots, links, and data to make copy more data-driven when needed. 

  • Use specialized editing software to assist in proofreading my own writing for accuracy. 

  • Provide a limited revision process to ensure you're satisfied with your final product. 

Words are my passion, and I want to help you reach your bigger audience and do what you do best! That means you'll have access to me throughout the process to ensure the end result is exactly what you envision. 

Project scopes vary, and so do rates! Get in touch for a complimentary discovery call and detailed proposal. 

Andi LaBrune.jpg

Andi LaBrune

Sr. Editor at Daily Mom


Kimberly Melo-Serpa

Talent Acquisition Specialist at Valnet Inc.

Melinda Colon.jpg

Melinda Colon

CEO, Founder, Marketing Coach at Fortis OBM

Jordani Sarreal.jpg

Jordani Sarreal

Creative Director at Mt. Matre Media & Publishing
Upwork Contract

“Love her writing! As a Sr. Editor with Daily Mom, I really enjoy Lacey’s articles! They are relatable, well-researched, and even entertaining to read - in other words, it’s not jammed-packed with blah blah blah keywords to fill an article - it’s well-written with infused personality. Her ability to write about various topics with a flavorful, yet neutral tone that still keeps your attention, is outstanding. Anyone who is blessed to have her work on their website will truly appreciate it!”

"Above and beyond her writing skills, Lacey is proactive, professional, efficient and just a pleasure to work with. Respected deadlines and offered to help with things outside her scope of work. I would highly recommend working with her!"

"Lacey is a detail oriented professional who serves as an advanced copywriting professional who has a passion for what she does. She's supported my business with brand development for our company and has helped in such a big way!"

"Lacey is great to work with. She provides quality work, swift communication, and timely deliverables to spec. Will be working with her again!"

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